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 White-Mage-fuku Bishoujo Senshi, Sinaka Kyralih!

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Sinaka Kyralih
Sinaka Kyralih

Age : 30
Female Character's Gender : Female
Posts : 155
Join date : 2013-10-13
Location : CST

PostSubject: White-Mage-fuku Bishoujo Senshi, Sinaka Kyralih!   Sun Oct 13, 2013 9:09 pm

~ヾ(^∇^) Kyralih here!

Name: Kyra! Sina works, too.
Main Character: Sinaka Kyralih
Highest Class/Job: White Mage 50; Bard 50; Paladin 50
Favorite Class/Job: Hmm... o_o between whm, pld (scribbles out furiously), and bard. blm is fun, too!
Highest Storyline/Dungeon/Coil: Second Coil Turn 1 (T6); current with all storyline
Favorite Storyline/Dungeon/Coil: Titan! OMG I DIED SO MANY TIMES but the music was great! (ノ^∇^) and then what happened after titan was amazing too. and the castle. omg. no spoilers is hard.

Is this your first MMO? Is this your first computer game?  Nope and nope! FFXI and The Sims, respectively. =)
Do you roleplay? Would you like to? Oh, do I. And oh, would I. XD I may or may not have loose goals/storylines in mind for Pretty Guardians who want to RP, too. o_o and alliances with other RP FC's. 
Specialties? I, Sinaka "Stoneskin" Kyralih, specialize in goofing off and keeping people alive anyway! Via a love affair with Regen, I take pride in quietly dancing, pouting, stretching, and air quoting during fights wherein I've slept and debuffed monsters and find myself with nothing to do (because the tank is fine and I'm awesome). ((and entirely too humble)) I also pride myself on my amazing Bard ditties. Here, I'll recite one for you:

♪There once was a man from Ul'Dah,
Who wore many a fashion faux pas!
Wearing bright yellow and green
in combinations most obscene,
When he passed the Weavers said "blah!"♪
Thank you, thank you. I do perform live concerts. 

And tell us something about yourself!  

I'm 25, married (husband's character is Paularius Kakan), and irl I'm a high school physics teacher. =) I graduated with a bachelors in physics (concentrations in astrophysics, teaching, and math) in winter 2011, and my dream is to be a Planetarium Director / Science Museum head! 
I like to write! =D ...though recently I've only gotten far on fanfiction, rather than original works ^^' heh heh... and I have a menagerie of animals. 

ヘ(°¬°)ノ  Now you stop on by and say Hi when ya see me ♥ ((xD))


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White-Mage-fuku Bishoujo Senshi, Sinaka Kyralih!
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