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 Let's Get Organized!

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Sinaka Kyralih
Sinaka Kyralih

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Let's Get Organized! Empty
PostSubject: Let's Get Organized!   Let's Get Organized! I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 21, 2015 9:51 am

So there is a bunch of organizing to do in order to help the most amount of people as much as we can! We're thinking events, days dedicated to storyline quests, leveling lower-level jobs, crafting parties, hard mode dungeons, crystal tower, HM primals and EX primals, and coil, along with any other suggestions you guys have!

But in order to get on this, we need to organize. u_u

First Request!
If you want to do things with us (AND I MEAN WHO DOESN'T ♥️) please please please fill out the following open spreadsheet so we know when the best time to gather is! 
@Sinaka Kyralih wrote:
Woops, my color-coding organization fetish is showing.

This is a preliminary thing (I bet Cae had something in mind along these lines?) I just put this together so I'd have an idea when I couldn't hope to see someone in game xD   It'd editable! What is blocked out (in a color - choose your color XD please make it nice and easy to read through!) is when someone definitely won't be online. So!! Please feel free to go there and color in the times you SHOULDN'T be online ♥️

Second Request!
If you need something done (help with a job, help with a quest, help with a dungeon, help in any way shape or form) speak out! Yell at us over the FC chat and we'll jump into action! Post here in the Seeking Help forum and we'll arrange a dates and times to help you with what you need! The forum isn't just to look pretty - it's also for work requests XD (teehee i like the wording) 

Third Request!
Periodically check-in here on the forums! Our skype group can get off-FFXIV-topic and onto RL chat topics, so any request you make there can be lost in random chatter before people who can help can see it. ;__; If you post here, we'll see it! We'll plan it in! On the opposite side, if you don't check in here periodically, you could miss events, special days, and random announcements, and that could leave you out of the loop (cause I assume people check in here ;_Wink and I don't want anyone to feel left out! 

Fourth Request! Dang, Kyra, you are demanding! 
Comment on boards! If you have any interest whatsoever, run in and say your piece! Example, right now Cae has a board open about Company Actions on random days -- (if we have a theme day planned, like leveling lower level jobs, we'll activate the actions most useful for that day's theme) voice your opinion! We want to hear from you! 

♥️ Thanks for reading, guys! Reply below with comments or questions or suggestions for other planned/theme days!


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Let's Get Organized!
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