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 Sona Morisona RP Bio INCOMPLETE

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Sona Morisona RP Bio INCOMPLETE Empty
PostSubject: Sona Morisona RP Bio INCOMPLETE   Sona Morisona RP Bio INCOMPLETE I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2015 10:45 pm

Sona Morisona RP Bio INCOMPLETE Ffxiv_10
Full name:  Sona Morisana (Born Sona Kirimid)
Name origin: Named by her mother using a family favorite “S” trend. Changed name while away from family to protect identity. ((not incredibly well, as “Mori” is her mother’s name...))
Nickname:  None
Nickname origin: N/A  
Do they like the nickname?:  
Sex/gender:  Female
Age:  Mid to Late teens (current age: 15)
Birthday:  1st of the 5th Astral Moon
Place of birth:  North Eastern Thanalan
Race: Seeker of the Sun, Miqo’te.
Height:  4’8” -- pretty short for a miqo'te
Eye color:  Blue
Face shape:  heart-shaped
Distinguishing facial features: Seeker markings; white heart-shaped facepaint
Who do they most look like?:  Both parents well represented
Describe their smile: a wholesome, contagious grin
Left or right-handed?:  Right
How do they dress?:  Comfortably! Comfortable shirt, nice comfortable kecks, fingerless gloves and a bandana to keep her hair out of her eyes! Ready to fight monsters!
Any special accessories? If so, why are they special?:  Nothing of note
Something they always carry with them:  paper, a writing utensil, and a mail-moogle whistle.
Weapons:  Small, double-bladed axe
Describe hairstyle:  Short, near-shoulder length with a straight fringe.
Natural hair color:  White with light pink highlights
Natural hair texture:  thick but mostly straight
Cleanliness/grooming:  Prefers clean-kept, but likes to get dirty, too.
Pace of speech:  Nearly incomprehensible when over-excited
Voice tone:  Soprano
Accent: Slight eitch-accent
Describe their laugh:  Light, airy, and endearing.
Describe general speech pattern: Eager, hopeful, helpful tones. Hesitates with people whom she believes are to be respected, playful and encouraging to suspected peers. No discernible vocal ticks.  
Mannerisms/demeanor:  Eager
Typical posture:  back straight, eyes everywhere
Current residence:  Gridania - Adventurer’s Guild Inn.
Do they live with anyone?: Not really, but she hangs out with Illara Fairskies a lot
Where would they ideally live?: With her sister’s free company
Any pets?:  None
Current occupation? Are they satisfied with this?:  Adventurer-in-training. Yes, immensely satisfied. She’s following in her sister’s footsteps!
General health: Good, though catches colds rather easily.
Mother’s name:  Mori Kirimid
Mother’s age:  Forties
Mother’s living status:  Alive
Father’s name:  Ii’yumi Tia
Father’s age:  Forties
Father’s living status: Dead
Describe relationship with parents: Never met her father; mother is a little over-protective.
Any other caretakers?: Grandmother (Seda) practically taught her everything she knew, and served as primary caretaker during her formative years while her mother attended to family business
Siblings:  Older sister (5-6 years) Sina, older brother (3-4 years) Mori’a
Describe their sense of morals:  Idealist; believes in the best of everyone, and acts accordingly. Follows all the rules cheerfully - they were put in place for a reason, right? 
How do they act in public?:  Cheerful, enthusiastic, optimistic, supportive, energetic
How do they act privately?:  Pretty much exactly the same. She doesn’t give a huge consideration for boundaries in either case
How do they react in a crisis?:  Quiet. Follows directions. Nervous.
How do they view life?: Everyone deserves to be happy.
How do they view death?:  She’s afraid
What motivates them?: Making her sister proud
What makes them happy?:  People
What makes them sad?:  people being sad
What makes them angry?:  seeing others break someone’s trust - i.e. lying, scheming, plotting. Dishonorable activities.
What humiliates them?: Being told she doesn't have enough experience to be where she is. She knows she doesn't, but she’s trying really hard to get there. 
Who are their close friends?:  Illara Fairskies
Sexuality:  hetero
First love: n/a
Current love:  n/a
People they dislike/hate: n/a; she doesn’t start to dislike people easily, even giving excuses for her grandfather’s actions, though she fears him.
Any psychological issues?:  occasional paranoia at being found out.
Intelligence level:  Average
Self-confidence level:  A little shakey when she knows experienced people (her heroes) are watching
Optimist or pessimist?:   Optimist
Emotional or logical?:  Emotional, but tries to be more logical to impress Sina
Dominant or submissive?:  submissive to most, dominant among her close friends
Patient or impatient?:  Patient - everything happens when it happens (but she can still play like she’s impatient!)
Compassionate or self-involved?: compassionate
Greatest fear: inadequacy
What is their greatest strength?: Optimist, believes in others
What is their greatest weakness?:  self-doubt
Biggest accomplishment?:  Leaving the family to adventure with Sina
Biggest regret?: not being able to be there for Sina after the calamity; scaring her family when she ran away

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Sona Morisona (Birth Name: Sona Kirimid)
Gender: Female
Race: Miqo'te
Tribe: Keeper of the Moon
Family: Kirimid-Tyr'a'naa, daughter of Mori
Age and Date of Birth: 18; 1st Sun of the 5th Astral Moon

  • Grandmother: Seda
  • Mother: Mori
  • Mother's Twin: Shen
  • Siblings: Sina and Mori'a
  • Close Cousins: Tarishae, Shen'a and Shen'to
  • Aunts and Uncles:
  • Other Cousins:


Personality: Enthusiastic. Optimistic. Cheerful. Supportive. Energetic. Obsessive. 

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: 
History: Sona is the third child, second daughter, of Mori of the Kirimid-Tyr'a'naa Keeper of the Moon tribe of Thanalan. Her birth-order granted her a few perks - being youngest of her generation always gave her a little bit of slack when it came to getting in and out of trouble - but gave her some grief when she wasn't allowed to follow her older siblings and cousins around all the time in her younger years. They would be trusted with gathering or cleaning downstream or watching for prey while she would be weaving or cleaning under the watchful eyes of her grandmother. She learned many things from her grandmother... including how to perfectly impersonate her grandmotherly phrases and words of caution and wisdom. She could pull out a Seda-ism at a drop of a hat to make her siblings and cousins laugh. 

Being around her grandmother so much, though, and being the youngest and "too little to really understand", she heard more of the heart of her grandmother than perhaps anyone else in the tribe. She heard of her grandmother's youth, how she brought together the two tribes into one, and how she read the signs from Menphina to guide their lives. And she knew, too, that while her grandmother would jest with Sina, her eldest and most favorite sister, about how her two-color eyes would bring her greatness, that Seda really meant what she said. Sina was destined for something more... and Sona wanted to be even more like her. Whenever she could, she would often roam around as Sina's lighter-haired shadow, mimicking movements until they drove her sister crazy.

When she grew older and could finally join her generation on their tasks, she would stick as close to Sina as she could, though her sister made that harder by often disappearing to loaf around somewhere. Tarishae would scold them all about Sina's laziness and Sona would be reprimanded for jumping to Sina's defense, but Tarishae's annoyed looks were like badges of honor to the young miqo'te. Sona was only 12 when Sina left the family life to become an adventurer, and Sona's heart was broken. 

She lived for the short visits Sina would make back home, where she would sit down with her grandmother and Tarishae and all the other kids about where she had gone, what she had been doing. She told tales about Ul'dah, the great city on the horizon, and the people she had met within its walls; she told of Gridania, the city of the Shroud, and the elementals that prowled the lands, the voice of the forest that guided their people; she spoke of Limsa Lominsa and its pirate population, of Coerthas and its rolling countryside... Sona was ensnared by the stories, by Sina's adventures and the people she met. When everyone else had gone to sleep, she would pretend to have drifted off by the fire and listened as Sina spoke quietly to her grandmother, her mother, her aunt, Tarishae and the other older tribe members. She heard about the primals, about the threat of the 'Garleans', and about Sina's involvement in a group whose power was spreading across all of Eorzea. She heard of Sina's awakening as a white mage, and the dangerous missions she was involved with.

Sona wanted to go, too. She wanted to fight with Sina, to keep her safe - their grandmother was right, there was something special in Sina's two-color eyes, and Sona wanted to be with her when that greatness fully awakened.

The meeting one particular night, when the red moon Dalamud hung low and heavy in the night sky, ended with Sina speaking in an incredibly low voice, warning of an attack in Mor Dhona, urging her mother to move farther south, to seek shelter in Ul'dah. Mori and Shen refused, speaking of 'refugees', and Sina left shortly afterwards. Her stomach knotted with worry over the doubt in Sina's voice, Sona, then thirteen, decided to follow her. She waited until everyone had gone to bed, gathered her things, and set off for Ul'dah, remembering Sina talking about an inn in the town. She had nearly made it halfway there when she was found by her brother Mori'a and cousin Shen'a and brought back to a family in turmoil -- her disappearance had been taken very seriously; even her aunts and uncles had dispersed to look for her, and her mother had been hastily preparing for some journey. Confused and a little frightened, while in her mother's embrace, Sona promised never to run off without telling anyone again.

Two nights later, the Red Moon fell. It was the single most frightening experience in Sona's life. There was nothing they could do, nowhere they could run, no place to hide. Fragments as it exploded tore through the land, the mysterious beams of light sliced through rock and tree, threw everything ahead of it aside. They huddled together, her grandmother leading them in prayer to Menphina; and while scared out of her mind, Sona's occasional panicked thought turned to Sina, and prayed she were kept safe. 

That night was called the Calamity, and the countryside afterward was nearly unrecognizable from how it had been before. The game was scarce - walkable ground was scarce - and the Kirmid Tyr'a'naa banded together temporarily with other allied Keeper families for survival. Sina returned to them briefly, hugging everyone - her eyes were wide and she was very quiet; she barely said a word to anyone. Their grandmother took her aside, but Mori wouldn't let Sona eavesdrop on their conversation. Sina disappeared after that, not to return for many years.

When she was sixteen the landscape had weathered, new trees growing, the wildlife slowly returning, and Sona was approaching adulthood in the eyes of Keepers of the Moon. She was told then why her family had panicked that night when she had followed after Sina; why she had never been able to stray far from them, why she was always near her grandmother as a child when others had been given more responsibilities at the same age. It dealt entirely with her father. She had known that she looked different from Sina and Mori'a and her cousins - they had light skin, purple facial markings, lighter eyes and were generally taller, while she had tanned skin, darker markings, and had always been a bit on the shorter side - and while she had been able to figure out on her own that her father had been a Seeker, she did not know any other details about him or her birth. Those she found out in basic terms: Her mother had fallen in love with her father a few years after the death of her first husband; they consummated that love, but fought about their future - Mori knew her place was with the Kirimid Tyr'a'naa, while her father, Ii'umi, had to return to his father, to bolster the numbers and aide in the splinter-tribe's future. The pair fought, and ultimately split up. Sona was born with her family, without a father.

Hearing this piece of news did little for Sona - she had always wanted to meet her father, and had planned on finding him one day (not as a top priority for her, but it was on her bucket-list, right after have adventures with Sina); knowing his name and thus his tribe helped with meeting that goal. But what her mother had to tell her next... Ii'umi was dead, and she was forbidden to go looking for her father's family. They wanted her - they needed her to become one of them, to be the mother to more children, to hunt and to gather in the name of their Nunh, her grandfather, Ii'sazhi. Their pursuit of her had been the reason their family traveled in Western Thanalan, when they had been native to North-Eastern; threats of their scouts or mercenaries was why she was kept in sight of older family members. 

She took the news we well as could be expected, and after some quiet days of introspection, Sona emerged as before - upbeat, energetic, supportive and playful, deciding that she wouldn't let that news weigh her down. She had more important things to worry about than random kidnappings and forced servitude that went against everything she had been raised to believe (though she did try even harder in her hunting lessons from that point on). 

Even with that information on her, at eighteen she still requested to be able to leave the family and travel the world with Sina. Immediately her request was denied, but she did not back down. She sought the assistance of Seda, citing it was the Year of Menphina, and what could be more fortuitous? It was their year, the year of Love, and what better way to honor the goddess than to express her love for her family by accompanying her sister through her trials in the great big world? 

In the end, Mori and Shen grudgingly accepted. Sona was given one year. She was to report back in the flesh every month, and to write twice a week. If letters did not arrive on time others would be sent to look for her and drag her back home - she had to agree to that stipulation before she could leave.

Packed, dressed, and ready, Sona was escorted by Mori, Mori'a, and Shen'a to Camp Horizon, and then to Vesper Bay, where she purchased a ticked to Limsa Lominsa. First stop, the Drowning Wench, the return address for Sina's most recent letter. As she waved goodbye to her family, holding on to the rail of the boat for dear life, she took a deep breath of the sea air (choked only just a little on the saltiness of it), and looked forward to the future.

Once in the care of Baderon of the Drowning Wench, Sona chose her new name: Sona Morisona (SO'na mor'i'SAWN'a) ((thinking herself most clever in its creation)), and set to learning her way around the city and staying in clear view in case Sina was around.

Relationships: Her friends, her Pretty Guardians, and how she met them.
Sinaka Kyralih: her older sister. Sina is Sona's role model - nothing Sina ever does is wrong in Sona's book. 

Other Noteworthy Facts: 
Sona's Father and the Ii' Tribe:

Storyline Specific Information: No Current Plots in Play
Pretty Guardian Information - Favorite Class
Favored Class: 
Realm of Influence(s): 
Favored Glamours: 
Favorite Powers: 
Weapon of Choice: 
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Sona Morisona RP Bio INCOMPLETE
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