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 RP - First Time Meetings Between Characters

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Cae'saries Songbless
Cae'saries Songbless

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PostSubject: RP - First Time Meetings Between Characters   Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:17 pm

Some of us discussed this, but here is the actual thread! I was thinking that we could each work together (for those interested) on how each of our characters met, and then possibly write a drabble of it. This thread could be for planning, suggestions, talking out how it would go down, and then in another thread or a mega thread we could post all the meeting drabbles.


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Sinaka Kyralih
Sinaka Kyralih

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PostSubject: Re: RP - First Time Meetings Between Characters   Thu Sep 17, 2015 6:10 pm


How Kyra met the Peoples

This is all rough recollection and is totally available to edit/be corrected/be built upon.

Quick Note:

Before we get going, just general dates for Kyra since she was around before the Calamity. She started adventuring at age 19, the Calamity happened at age 20. She survived the Calamity (was not sent forward in time with other heroes) and, on the night, used her skills as a White Mage and an otherworldly calling to rescue and lead fellow adventurers to safety when the sky started to fall. It was harrowing, and even with guidance, they almost didn't make it out alive. 

After that night, rather than going home, Sinaka headed to the Sanctum of the Twelve near Gridania and stayed there to recuperate. She, along with many survivors, got the meteor tattoo between her shoulder blades to figuratively bind the survivors together, and as a less-than-subtle sign to each other that they had been there that night, and had experienced it firsthand. As time passed, she worked with both the conjurer's guild and archer's guild, going on missions and whatnot. 

Five years after the Calamity she starts to adventure again, having felt an unsettling urge to leave and go out to help the world, an urge similar to the one she felt that night. Deep down she believes it is Menphina, but she can never be sure.


XD Alannah, I think, already decided this! XD We ran into her that night at Baderon's place in Limsa and took care of her drunk butt XD


I think we had an idea going about Sinaka being on a mission near where Adelpha lived and ended up somehow pulling Adelpha into said mission. When it was all over, Adelpha decided to leave with her (and/or Sinaka called her along, telling her to hurry up or something (sensing that she wanted to come or something)). >D And then all the annoying things happen, mwahahahhaa


Very Happy Idk ♥️ HOW WE MEET?! 


Probably met through Cae?


Totally how we met in game - snowball fight in Coerthas with Alannah


Idk Very Happy


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RP - First Time Meetings Between Characters
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