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 The Lovely Lillip Leveling Layout

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PostSubject: The Lovely Lillip Leveling Layout   Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:32 pm

I've answered the question of what I plan to work on a few times, figured I'd put this available so people know I'm not crazy and have a clear idea what I want to do with my time Very Happy

The Lalafell Lady of Pink, Lillip Lufian:
Destruction and Healing with the Power of Love!
Main Goal: Help others in dungeons and stuff! Be available for things. Out-cute everyone else.

White Mage (Main Healer):
Max Level: ✔️
Relic: WIP
ilvl: WIP

Summoner (Main DPS):
Max Level: WIP
Relic: WIP
ilvl: WIP

Black Mage (Secondary DPS):
Max Level: WIP
Relic: ?
ilvl: WIP

Astrologian (Secondary Healer):
Max Level: WIP
Relic: ?
ilvl: WIP

The Kitty Corsair Kitleena Prowler:
Master Treasure Stealer Hunter and Sky Pirate Extraordinaire!
Main Goal: Become a Pirate and go Treasure hunting. Collect every cat minion.

Machinist (Main):
Max Level: WIP
Relic: WIP
ilvl: WIP

That's it! Until they make new Jobs and stuff.
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The Lovely Lillip Leveling Layout
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