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 I have arrived!

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Luna Mau
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Luna Mau

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I have arrived! Empty
PostSubject: I have arrived!   I have arrived! I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2014 11:56 pm

Name:Ed or Kai
Main Character:Kai Teague
Highest Class/Job:Warrior
Favorite Class/Job:Warror(ed likes to tank)
Highest Storyline/Dungeon/Coil:N/A
Favorite Storyline/Dungeon/Coil:N/A

Is this your first MMO? Is this your first computer game? nope this isn't my first rodeo. I played WoW several years ago back when it was still just Classic. I got out for a long time but I'm back now!
Do you roleplay? Would you like to? Yes, not really in game. I don't type very fast or very well. 
IDK, any thing? I like to craft and i like to tank! 

Im always up for a run into anything that I can. If I'm awake I'm usually on Skype. feel free to add me and ping me if you need help running a Dungeon and if I'm able to go in I will!. Right now I'm a lvl 36 Warrior and only going up from there!!

So my friend got me into XIV and here I am. I can't say that i haven't enjoyed this. I'm glad that I get to part of this and i love the group. I hope that over time I might be able to become a bigger part of the group. I can't wait to get playing with you guys!! Krya and i have already ran several dungeons and I can't wait to party with the rest of you guys!!\

I also bought my friend with me, into the game and Company, He's a great player just rather quite in game.
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I have arrived!
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