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Cae'saries Songbless
Cae'saries Songbless

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PostSubject: WELCOME! READ HERE TO FIND OUT EVERYTHING YOU NEED!   Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:25 pm

Hi! This is Sinaka Kyralih,  Caesaries and Adelpha!
WELCOME! (≧∇≦)
We're glad to have you! We have plans for this Free Company and I'm excited you'll be joining us and helping to make those plans a reality!
//Plans, you say?//
Well, I guess more like goals? (_⌒;)  What we'd like to have here is a Free Company that, no matter what the actual size, feels tight-knit and supportive. We want people to actually know each other - we want mutual interest in one another! We want people to care when something big happens - not just throw out a 'congratz' like people throw out 'happy birthday's on facebook (ーー;) . We want get-togethers! We want parties! We want to play together in game, not just play beside each other!
I guess, for me anyway, it all boils down to laughter. From the moment you log in and say "Hi!" on the FC chat to the moment you log off, I want you laughing and chatting and emoting because you're actually having /fun/ being a Pretty Guardian, not just hanging around for any benefits.
//So, what is a "Pretty Guardian?" and what does "PGSM" stand for? ... also I'm a guy, do I belong here? O.o//
A Pretty Guardian is /anyone/! Anyone who stands up to fight for Love and Justice in the name of the moon! ((and if do you know where that came from but don't get the PGSM tag, holy smokes talk to me (Sinaka) or Caesaries immediately, for you need more learning. L(o))) Whether you're fighting monsters to save the populace, doing quests to aid the people, or making items to make adventurer's lives easier, we say you're a guardian (so why not be pretty, too? o (◡‿◡✿) )
PGSM, in game, officially stands for "Pretty Guardians: Soldiers of Menphina", because while we fight for the people, and we strive to bring justice to Eorzea, we do it all in the name of love and the goddess of love: Menphina.
You're a /boy/ and you want to join?  °) hmmm, we gon' hav' ta think about that. ((Lmao if you're cool with being called a Pretty Guardian, you're okay, haha))
//Anything I should know?//
1. We have a forum! Pretty Guardian Mars Caesaries Incedere created and runs our forums located RIGHT HERE!
While I will try to copy over important dates or whatever (dude, crafting parties. Dungeon invasions. Silly light-rp parties) into the lodestone, that will be Pretty Guardians main forum, where most of the out-of-game silliness takes place.
2. Prepare for doing things with people! That's right, your time as a solo adventurer is at a close, so long as you wish it to be. (^ω^) Everyone likes to level, but, honestly, what a lot of our members like more is goofing off and helping people - both are things you can use to your advantage (〜 ̄▽ ̄)  Need to do a dungeon for the fifth time on a low-ish level character? Ask, and ye shall receive most (if not all) of a party XD. Want to run through that dungeon again to see if you can get that one item? ( ̄▽ ̄)  give us a minute to breathe and sure, we'll run it again!
Our members range from levels 15 - 50, with jobs scattered at various levels throughout, so believe me when I say that you're not bothering people when you ask for someone's help. More often than not, they've got a job right around there that they've been meaning to work on and just haven't thought about it in a bit.
() so ask away!
3. If you ever have any problems with other Pretty Guardians, whether they're being butts or using the FC chat in a matter that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell one of the staff and we'll look into it! If none of us are online, shoot us a Moogle Mail (or use the forum!) to describe what's going on. Please include the date, time, and whatever it was that made you uncomfortable in that message, please!
We will have general "rules" and a code of conduct that we expect our Pretty Guardians to follow; please do so!
//(* ̄O ̄)//
Yes, okay, I know that is much longer than I intended! (σ) leave me be!
And if you're not officially a member of the Pretty Guardians but read though that post of your own accord out of curiosity, and now have the urge to become part of our ranks, find one of our officers in game (or jump onto the forum and message us there!) and tell us that you Are a Pretty Guardian!
See you in game!

--Sinaka Kyralih


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